There are a number of generous parishioners 
who have given of their time and funds to
support the Church. 
These people include:

Mary Doepke


Bequests   A bequest of over $15,000 has been received
the estate of Erica Jones. (June 2016). Our Parish
will identify a suitable project that can suitably
Erica's long service to St Theodores.


'Finding Your Feet' - see the notice board.
Brochure at the rear of the church - last day for ordering is 26 February 2018
"Atonement - What Differences Does Christ's Death Make?"
Begins Sunday February 25
February 14
Sunday February 11
Saturday17 February 2018 at 9.00am
Please support this organisation by donating food each Sunday.  Tinned and packaged food can be left in the blue box provided at the rear of the Church. Long life milk, simmer sauces, canned vegetables, baby foods and nappy creams. Spreads - vegemite, peanut butter, jams, toothpaste and soap.