Copy of the Parish Newletter (Tidings)

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Feb - May 2015
Jun - Sep 2015 (Patronal)
Oct 2015 - Jan 2016 
Feb 2016 - May 2016 (Lent/Easter)
Jun 2016 - Sep 2016
Oct 2016 - Jan 2017 
Feb - May 2017 (Lent/Easter)
Jun - Sep 2017 (Patronal)
Oct 2017 - Jan 2018 (Advent/ Christmas)

Copy of Father Grant's Sermons
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  Sermon 15 October 2017 Pentecost 19 (A28) We'd be mad not to say yes
  Sermon 1 October 2017 Pentecost 17 (A26) Going to the Vineyard
  Sermon 17 Sept2017 Pentecost 15 (A24) Holding Together in a Lost Church
  Sermon 10 Sept 2017 Pentecost 14 (A23) Love is the Rule
  Sermon 3 Sept 2017 Pentecost 13 (A22) Love From Your centre
  Sermon 27 August 2017 Pentecost 12 (A21) Do not be Conformed
  Sermon 20 August 2017 Mary Mother of our Lord (The Magnificat: A Song of Triumph
  Sermon 13 August 2017 Pentecost 10(A19) Walking Lightly
  Sermon 6 August 2017 Pentecost 9(A18) Fruitfulness in Brokenness
  Sermon 30 July 2017 Pentecost 8(A17) Letter to William
  Sermon 23 July 2017 Pentecost 7A (Birth Pangs)
  Sermon 18 June 2017 Corpus Christi (Engagement with the Holy)
  Sermon 11 June 2017 Trinity (Amazing Grace, Extravagent Love, Intimate Friendship)
  Sermon 4 June 2017 Pentecost (The Temple of the Spirit)
  Sermon 28 May 2017 Easter 7A (The Always Present Spirit)
  Sermon 21 May 2017 Easter 6A (Resurrection is Here and Now)
  Sermon 14 May 2017 Easter 5A (The Spiritual body)
  Sermon 7 May 2017 Easter 4A (Christ the Prime Attractor)
  Sermon 30 April 2017 Easter 3A (The Unity of Spirit and Matter)
  Sermon 16 April 2017 Easter Day A (You're invited to a New Beginning)
  Sermon 14 April 2017 Good Friday A (You're invited to an Execution)
  Sermon 13 April 2017 Maundy Thursday A (You're invited to a Meal)
  Sermon 9 April 2017 Palm Sunday A (You're Invited to a Procession)
  Sermon 2 April 2017 Lent 5A (The Reach of Christ's Voice)
  Sermon 26 March 2017 Lent 4A (Making the Critical Choice)
  Sermon 19 March 2017 Lent 3A (Spring of Living Water)
  Sermon 12 March 2017 Lent 2A (The Problem with Nicodemus)
  Sermon 5 March 2017 Lent 1A (Journeying through Temptation)
  Sermon 19 Feb 2017 Epiphany 7A (Perfection and Generousity)
  Sermon 5 Feb 2017 Epiphany 5A (Salt and Light - Small Things)
  Sermon 29 Jan 2017 Epiphany 4A (True Wisdom)
  Sermon 22 Jan 2017  Epiphany 3A (Do We Really Need the Gospel?)
  Sermon 8 Jan 2017 Baptism of our Lord A (God's Hidden Purpose)
  Sermon 1 Jan 2017 Epiphany A (Learning to Kneel)
  Sermon 25 Dec 2016 Christmas Day (Don't be Afraid)
  Sermon 18 Dec 2016 Advent 4A (This is the Way Christ Comes)
  Sermon 11 Dec 2016 Advent 3A (The Mystery of Attraction)
  Sermon 27 Nov 2016 Advent 1A (Sleeping and Waking)
  Sermon 20 Nov 2016 Christ the King C (Save Yourself)
  Sermon 13 Nov 2016 Pentecost 26C (All Things Will Pass)
  Sermon 6 Nov 2016 All Saints C (The Unwanted Experiences)
  Sermon 16 October 2016 Pentecost 22C (Honesty Before God)
  Sermon 9 October 2016 Pentecost 21C (Honouring the Way)
  Sermon 25 Sept 2016 Pentecost 19C (Don't Miss the Boat)
  Sermon 11 Sept 2016 Pentecost 17C (Celebrate Life)
  Sermon 4 Sept 2016 Pentecost 16C (Leaving the Family Home)
  Sermon 28 August 2016 Pentecost 15C (The Disappointing Church)
  Sermon 21 August 2016 Pentecost 14C (The Divine Therapist)


St Theodores Eucharist and shared lunch
Saturday 21 October 2017 at 9.00am
5 November morning tea in the Rectory Garden
Further details later on each of these 'Social Functions'
Please support this organisation by donating food each Sunday.  Tinned and packaged food can be left in the blue box provided at the rear of the Church. Long life milk, simmer sauces, canned vegetables, baby foods and nappy creams. Spreads - vegemite, peanut butter, jams, toothpaste and soap.